Hello Web 2.0 world!

Welcome to Real Estate 2.0. This is my first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


I decided to start this blog today because I needed a place to vent.  I am the founder of a small (self-funded) internet real estate startup that does not utilize any of the retarded ajax or ruby on rails technology bullshit that we see oozing all over the web.

I am a strong believer in Web 1.0 – meaning a well built, w3c compliant, search engine friendly, lots of indexed (or index-able) pages, fast loading, old fashioned type website.  You know, the kind that does not have a tag cloud, a 36+ size font, and a google map-mashup on it’s homepage.

Although I will be focusing my energy on the Real Estate 2.0 crowd – I will most likely be biting the ankles of other web 2.0 companies (outside of the real estate industry) as well.


22 Responses to “Hello Web 2.0 world!”

  1. A Web 1.0 contrarian take on Web 2.0 . . . ? | BloodhoundBlog | The weblog of BloodhoundRealty.com in Phoenix, Arizona Says:

    […] We’ll see. But I count two hits in two at-bats, an excellent start. Similar features, but Zorro’s gone home to Spain. Blogrolled. […]

  2. CJ, Broker in NELA CA Says:

    >>I am a strong believer in Web 1.0

    Glad you said that! There’s a place for both models …..

  3. Joseph Ferrara.sellsius Says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I like your writing style — fast loading. You’re sure to be a hit with the neighbors. Earned a spot on our blogroll. Best of luck. Owl be back.

    PS: Stop by anytime for a cup a joe. Oh wait, we can’t share coffee over the net yet. Geez.

  4. Eric Says:

    How do we contact you?

  5. Marlow Says:

    Who you?

  6. 360Digest » International Man of Mystery Says:

    […] A new real estate blog has appeared “Real Estate 2.0 — Just another Web 2.0 web log” and its first post is titled “Redfin will flop like a fish out of water“. […]

  7. Beau Says:

    Looking forward to your writings…

  8. Cease and Desist « real estate 2.0 Says:

    […] Well, it took a whopping 2 business days to receive a comment and then an email from the good folks at redfin.  Eric Heller, director of marketing, just informed me (very kindly) that Redfin Corp. owns the words (and numbers) Real Estate 2.0.  […]

  9. Richard Johnston Says:

    This will be interesting….

  10. Todd Tarson Says:

    I’m gonna like this place.

  11. Teresa Boardman Says:

    Nah, the tech companies trying to sell to real estate agents, who are mostly clueless when it comes to the internet, have been annoucing that that the real estate web site is dead. I somewhat agree because there are zillions of worthless sites out there spewing useless content onto the web complete with pictures of really funny looking people.

    Blog on dude!

  12. Greg Says:

    And let’s go back to those really cool paper cups with string between them for our phone calls…

    Web 1.0- you mean those websites with homepages that look like you’re reading a novel and have tons of useless links and keywords that are repeated dozens of times so they will be indexed, right?

    Or maybe we could just run really fast and slam our heads straight into a brick wall to get the same effect.

    Oh, but they load fast? Right- like that three-second difference in load times causes such a strain on your day.

    Millions of real estate websites and maybe 20-30 are unique with any real innovation and THOSE are the ones to slam?

  13. Jesse Says:

    I should have started reading the posts from the beginning. Me thinks you may be bitter about the fact that these companies which appear to be doing so little are getting tons of money thrown at them.

    It’s all about the golden parachute at the end of the day. They will collect their millions, oversee a failure and retire (or repeat the process since they are already cozy with the VC’s…I’ve never understood that dynamic).

    Meanwhile, you’ll spend the rest of your life working hard, wondering why you didn’t get the same break.

    The answer is simple: Rather than blogging, they’re out there building their companies. You may not see the benefit in doing it that way, but perhaps you’re not driven by greed. If you were, you’d be doing the exact same thing.

    Ah, capitalism, ain’t it grand? Well, it’s only grand if you’re on the right side of it — the one making money off of other people’s efforts.

    I will say, however, that I do enjoy your blog. Almost as much as I enjoy commenting! 😉

    The best of luck to you and your start-up! Kick some ass, take some names and report back in two years with a “I told ya so!” There is nothing as satisfying as seeing the underdog win!

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    1.0 Here.
    When do you plan to launch your initatives?

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  22. Chris Says:

    How did this work out for you, i hope you did not sell out and start using stupid ajax. loading the entire page each time is a much better solution.

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