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Great Idea – Not Much of a Chance

October 10, 2006

Pay Per Post

I have been following since they launched.  What a great concept – excellent ORIGINAL idea!  I know that some hardcore bloggers think that this is a death sentence for the blogosphere…but it is impossible to deny – it is a great idea…period.   

PayPerPost recently raised $3M from VC’s – and this is where I have to offer up my two cents…

Unfortunately, first to market is not always an advantage (i.e. yahoo/excite, aol, angelfire/geocities, etc..) – second or third to market often finishes first. 

I think the management/shareholders of PayPerPost would have been better served if they offered consulting services to technorati and/or feedburner and/or blogger and/or wordpress and/or (you get the idea) – because they just provided these leading “blog” companies with a great/excellent/genius revenue model.  Easy to imitate with absolutely no barrier to entry and much, much larger userbases. 

These leaders have immediate & instant access to millions of bloggers.  (I expect to see a pop up screen the next time I login to real estate 2.x.)

So that’s my 2 cents.  I will stress that I think the guys/gals that started PayPerPost are very, very bright people, they came up with an awesome new model – but in the long run, PayPerPost just created a revenue model for the big guys, that until now, had no revenue model.