Sure, Im an arse too…

but at least i pick(ed) on bigger, fatter targets.

i hear a bath in tomato juice does the trick


6 Responses to “Sure, Im an arse too…”

  1. Says:

    Can I join this Real Estate 2.0 stuff or what?

  2. william joe Says:

    Interesting fact: This has been due to the sub prime crisis in the United States, increasing volatility in the share and financial markets and investors such as fund managers requiring higher returns. Nice Site by the way.

  3. Mike Says:

    Good Points – I enjoyed reading over your article, made sure to bookmark your site for future reference. Talk to you later.

  4. Terra Says:

    email you directly? you don’t have a contact you, or at least I don’t see it.

    we wanted to start a Realtors Against Zillow/Redfin group, I have tons of Realtors that are ready to join and need a place to post their horror stories of clients who have come to them crying bc they lost a house they wanted or something… anyway, I LOVE that pic of the Redfin baby crying and I put it on my blog, is that ok?
    I put links to your site all over my blog and posted your stories too. (I am new to blogging and hope that is ok.)
    Anyway, if you have any posts regarding these dangerous companies like Zillow who give out bad info (although Trulia isn’t that bad, but still not any better than actual market information) or Redfin, please feed it to my blog. I hope more Real Estate people read your blog and I am hoping to find ways to take action.

  5. Caleb Barr Says:


    I would like to contact you directly about having you review our service (see the link to our website.) Please let me know if that’s something you would be interested in doing.



  6. sp=show-clips Says:


    Sure, Im an arse too… | real estate 2.x

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